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New Northern Lights cruises announced

New Northern Lights cruises announced

Cruises to see the incredible Aurora Borealis take holidaymakers on an epic journey along the coast of Norway where the mysterious phenomena are most likely to be spotted.

The Northern Lights can usually only be seen around the Arctic Circle, and being at sea on one of these cruises means there is no light pollution to interfere with your viewing. Of course, being natural phenomena, sightings of the Aurora can’t be guaranteed, but these Northern Lights cruises give people one of the best chances to see them that they will ever get.

The Northern Lights appear as sheets of rippling colour that illuminate the night sky with an eerie glow. People who witness these phenomena for the first time describe it as an incredibly moving experience. Throughout history, their profound influence on people can be seen reflected in various paintings, poetry, literature and folklore.

Holidays to see the Northern Lights range from short breaks to fortnight-long voyages. Throughout the course of the holiday, guests can visit some of the towns and remote settlements that cling to this rugged coastline of Norway, and can choose from a range of excursions such as guided walks, dog sledding and snowmobiling. They can even attend a Viking feast!

Linda Gilmour, a professional travel consultant for the Mighty Fine Company comments, “Following on from the previous year’s demand for Northern Lights cruises, early booking of our winter 2011/2012 voyages is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment”.