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New Data Shows That Travelling By Rail Is Four Times More Costly Than Flying

New Data Shows That Travelling By Rail Is Four Times More Costly Than Flying

Greenpeace UK released a research just before the summer vacation that examined the costs of flights between more than 100 major European cities. It discovered that eco-friendly vacationers would spend around twice as much as airline passengers for the same trip. For trips to or from the United Kingdom, however, the price increases to four times as much due to the high expense of the rail link.

In order to account for price fluctuations and last-minute offers, researchers analysed routes between major cities in 27 countries and compared costs on nine different dates, from four months before departure to only days before departure.

On 79 out of 112 trips (or roughly 70%), airfare was less expensive. The most significant price difference in this study was found when comparing the cost of travelling by rail to that of other modes of transportation. The analysis found that flying was the most cost-effective option for all 12 itineraries inside the United Kingdom.

According to the study, the regulatory advantage enjoyed by low-cost airlines is to blame for the discrepancy in prices.

It explained that air planes may charge less by not having to pay taxes on jet fuel, whereas railway companies in much of Europe must pay energy charges and tolls.


Fewer than one in ten people on Earth board a plane each year, despite aviation being responsible for around 2.5 percent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions. This comes at the same time several of Europe’s most visited tourist spots are experiencing record-breaking temperatures due to climate change