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Network Rail: National train performance for period 6 is 94.0%

Network Rail: National train performance for period 6 is 94.0%

Punctuality on the railways reached 94.0% during Period 6, according to monthly performance data released today by Network Rail. The data for Britain’s train services covers the period from 19 August 2012 - 15 September 2012. This compares to 92.5% for the same period last year and is the best period 6 yet recorded. The moving annual average is now at 91.7%.

Train-crew shortages combined with a number of infrastructure problems (cable fault nr Wolverhampton, signalling problems nr Blackwell) and other events (fallen tree at Chester Road, train failure at Kensal Green) all contributed to the reduction in London Midland’s performance over the last four weeks

National Express train operator c2c high PPM result this period means that over the past 12 months its punctuality has reached new record levels for train performance in the UK - 97.2% of services running to schedule

At 94%, period 6, 2012 is the best period 6 ever recorded. The previous best was in 2009 when 93.6% was recorded. It is also the 4th best period performance figure ever recorded, the best being 94.2% in period 5

Arrived on time - the measure of train punctuality also known as PPM (public performance measure) means trains arriving at their destinations within five minutes for commuter services and within 10 minutes for long distance services. This measure of punctuality is commonly used throughout Europe. Heathrow Express, Grand Central, Hull Trains and Eurostar are not included in the National PPM


National train punctuality is measured for all trains across the whole network, including cancelled services and delays caused by external factors (such as vandalism, extreme weather, suicides etc). Punctuality did not start to be recorded in this vigorous and thorough way until 1997. Before then Railtrack, and BR before it, did not measure all services and also excluded external factors and other items from their numbers

These figures represent provisional data for the period and individual operators’ performance data may vary slightly from the full period performance report that Network Rail publishes on its website every month
Right time train performance data (% of trains arriving within 59 seconds of schedule) both for period 6 and for the year to the end of period 6 are also available by using this link [url=[/url]