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MTR enhances assistance to passengers during typhoons

MTR enhances assistance to passengers during typhoons

As the Standby Signal No.1 has been issued, MTR Corporation reminds passengers of the enhanced measures that are being implemented to provide assistance to them during severe storms. The enhanced measures are included in a report which has been submitted to the Government after a review of service arrangements during Typhoon Vicente.

Clearer and more detailed train service information will be distributed through online and digital channels when a typhoon comes within close proximity of Hong Kong and the storage of supplies of water and snacks at stations.
Passengers should also bear in mind that MTR services may be stopped at short notice for safety reasons along sections that are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions.

Enhanced information dissemination
Train service information during typhoons has been made available on the MTR website since 15 August. New in-station and in-train announcements have also been developed to provide passengers with more detailed information. Besides, a new smartphone app “Traffic News” will be launched in September to deliver updates on train service directly to passengers’ hands. These seek to help passengers better plan their journey and proceed
to a safe location in the event that deteriorated weather conditions require train service to be stopped.

Caring for stranded passengers
The report also highlights the Corporation’s undertaking to provide passengers stranded at stations during typhoons with snacks and water. It should be noted that in the event of service disruption during typhoons, the Corporation will not be able to provide shuttle bus services to passengers for safety reasons. If there are stranded passengers, MTR will, as far as practicable, offer them shelter at stations and provide them with snacks and water until it is safe for them to continue their journey.

Train Service Arrangements during typhoons
As for train service arrangements during typhoons, the Corporation affirms its intention to provide service as far as practicable to facilitate safe movement by the public but would like to remind passengers of the usual practices in operating train services during typhoon period in the ensuing paragraphs.


When Tropical Cyclone Signal 8 is issued during office hours, the Corporation will immediately step up the train service and MTR bus services to cater for the expected upsurge in passengers heading home. After passenger demand has subsided, MTR will maintain a limited service during normal service hours as far as practicable.
It should be noted that open sections of railway and road conditions are vulnerable to external factors during severe weather conditions. Hence, the Corporation may need to suspend its rail and bus services at any time without prior notice as necessary for safety reason.

When Increasing Gale or Storm Signal 9 is issued, all MTR rail and bus services operating in open sections will be suspended, while limited train service will be maintained during service hours for the underground sections. When Increasing Gale or Storm Signal 9 is replaced by Gale or Storm Signal 8, in addition to underground sections, limited rail and bus services will also be provided on the open sections. The Corporation will gradually
resume normal service when the signal is lowed to Strong Wind Signal 3.

As with current practice, MTR Corporation will have additional station and maintenance staff on duty during typhoons to assist passengers and make repairs as required when it is safe to do so.
“The safety of our passengers and staff is our paramount concern. Severe weather conditions inevitably cause disruption to daily life. However, by strengthening our communications and providing additional assistance to passengers caught out in a typhoon, we hope we can minimise the inconvenience to our passengers,” said Francis Li, Head of Operating of MTR Corporation. “We sincerely hope our passengers understand that when we do suspend service because of the weather, it is in the interest of everyone’s safety.”

MTR services to be stopped at Increasing Gale or Storm Signal 9

East Rail Line – all stations
Ma On Shan Line – all stations
Tung Chung Line – all stations
Airport Express – all stations
Disneyland Resort Line – all stations
Tsuen Wan Line – Between Tsuen Wan Station and Lai King Station
Kwun Tong Line – Between Choi Hung Station and Tiu Keng Leng Station
Island Line – Between Heng Fa Chuen Station and Chai Wan Station
West Rail Line – Between Kam Sheung Road Station and Tuen Mun Station
Light Rail, MTR Bus – all routes