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MTR introduces priority red lift queues for those in need

MTR introduces priority red lift queues for those in need

Around 100 senior citizens were the first to find out about a new priority queuing system for lifts that is designed to make it even easier for them and other passengers in need to travel on the MTR. The “Lift Priority User and Queuing Trial” was launched at a ceremony at MTR Nam Cheong Station as part of the 18th annual Elderly Programme jointly organised by the MTR Corporation and RTHK Radio 5 to promote safe behavior on the railway.

The first two priority queuing lines for lifts are now in place at MTR Nam Cheong and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations. The trial will be gradually rolled out to 18 more selected stations.
Priority lifts will be clearly marked with prominent red stickers to demarcate the priority queuing area for the elderly, persons with disabilities, passengers with baby prams and those carrying bulky objects. Other passengers can line up in the area marked in blue.

“Our senior citizens are more active than ever and we are really pleased to see them getting out and about using the MTR. To ensure their journeys are comfortable and safe, we always encourage our elderly passengers to use the lift rather than escalators or stairs where there is a higher chance of them losing balance and possibly hurting themselves,” said Mr Adi Lau, Chief of Operating of the MTR Corporation.
“We hope our `Lift Priority User and Queuing Trial’ will further enhance the travel experience for our senior passengers. We also hope the trial will remind all our passengers of the importance of giving priority use of lifts and other facilities to those in need,” he added.

Seniors taking part in today’s Elderly Programme learned about the new system by playing games with well-known artistes including Ms Tam Sin-hung, Mr David Lo, Ms Lai Yin-shan, Mr Chau Pak-ho, Sugar Club (Ms Kandy Wong and Mr Sebastian Poon), Mr Hubert Wu, Ms Sita Chan, Mr Adason Lo and Mr Terry Zou.

Afterwards, they enjoyed a train ride on the West Rail Line and went to see Hong Kong’s largest-ever exhibition of the world-famous Qin Dynasty terracotta warriors at the Hong Kong Museum of History.