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Each year, the month of October dresses up in pink for an international campaign not only intended to raise women’s awareness of breast cancer screening, but also to raise funds for research. In keeping with its commitment to women’s issues – and through its connection with education, women’s empowerment, and various associations around the world –, MGallery renews its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and brings it an exclusive collaboration with Pour Les Femmes, launched by actress and activist Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler. All proceeds from pajama sales in October will be donated to Ruban Rose for eshop or to local associations for breast cancer prevention and awareness for in-hotels sales.

Today, MGallery represents a network of more than 120 boutique hotels worldwide. Every single one has a different history and heritage, and is an integral part of its local community. Each unique, secluded hotel is full of character, and each carries within its DNA the notion of commitment and the commitment to giving back to the community it belongs to, especially in the defense of women’s rights. This collaboration was, therefore, a natural fit.

What’s on the agenda? A set of 3 pajamas with subtle embroideries, including one specially designed for Pink October with a discreet powder pink trim, and 3 scrunchies for hair. These pieces can be found on the MGallery e-shop as well as in a selection of first MGallery hotels worldwide: in France at the Molitor Hotel in Paris, at the Nest in La Défense or at the Hôtel de la Cité in Carcassonne, in Israel at the Elkonin Tel Aviv, in Brazil at the Santa Teresa Hotel Rio de Janeiro, in the Netherlands at the INK Hotel in Amsterdam, in Australia at the Manly Pacific in Sydney, in Thailand at the V Villas Phuket…
Don’t miss this creative way of pampering yourself or someone special for a good cause. And a chance to discover the brand founded by Robin Wright and Karen Fowler, turning lounge time into a true ritual of well-being. Both founders are fully committed to women’s issues, and they work hand-in-hand with several regional companies that highlight the work of women in conflict zones.

“In 2011, I took a trip that changed my life. As an ambassador for the North American NGO Enough Project, I traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There, I met survivors of warfare in a region devastated by the Kivu conflict. Back in the United States, I knew that I had to get involved. That’s when I founded the purpose-driven company Pour Les Femmes with my friend Karen Fowler.”
— Robin Wright, actress and activist


“I am convinced that tomorrow’s hospitality business must be sustainable and socially committed. MGallery has always championed the notion of commitment: to the cultural heritage behind many of the hotels in its collection; to the planet, with an extremely exacting CSR roadmap; and to endeavoring for a positive social impact, particularly through support to every dimension of women’s issues. This exclusive collaboration with Pour Les Femmes clearly demonstrates how the commitments of the two brands align, where beauty does good. In addition to enjoying the exquisite comfort of these exclusive pajamas, I am sure that our customers will particularly appreciate the fact that purchasing them is a way to ‘give back,’ a value that we truly share with the co-founders of Pour Les Femmes.”
— Maud Bailly, CEO of Sofitel, MGallery and Emblems


To complete this exclusive offer, MGallery will donate €10,000 – in addition to all the proceeds from the sales of MGallery x Pour Les Femmes products – to Ruban Rose association. Moreover, throughout the month of October, the hotel offers customers the opportunity to contribute €2 per night during their stay to that same France-based organization and to local associations elsewhere in the world.


As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MGallery is also creating a podcast to raise awareness about breast cancer, accessible in guest rooms, and organizing conferences in the hotels of the collection. They will address topics such as the importance of a positive attitude, the strength of a supportive community, progress being made in well-being, and creative expression. Moreover, stickers appear on each hotel room’s bathroom mirror to guide women towards educational videos to perform a self-examination – content designed exclusively for MGallery.

“Through this exclusive collaboration like none other in France, MGallery joins forces with Pour Les Femmes to pamper women for a good cause in a true expression of socially constructive luxury. Carefully designed and hand-crafted, the pajamas, bathrobes and nightgowns of Pour Les Femmes are made with the finest materials: Japanese and Egyptian cotton, Scottish cashmere, and pre-washed organic linen. By women, for women. This is a natural collaboration in celebration of exultant, socially constructive femininity.”
— Maud Bailly, CEO of Sofitel, MGallery and Emblems

Discover the MGallery x Pour les Femmes collection on MGallery’s boutique here.