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Magical and biodiverse environments await nature lovers in Quito

Magical and biodiverse environments await nature lovers in Quito

Quito has spaces and activities that invite visitors to learn about biodiversity and promote the conservation of the area’s natural heritage, as well as admire countless species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.
Some of the must-sees are the Maquipucuna Reserve, the Vivarium and the Metropolitan Parks.

The Ecological Corridor for the Andean Bear
This corridor links the communities of Yunguilla, Santa Lucía, El Pahuma and Maquipucuna and creates a conservation area for local wildlife. Measuring 64,554 hectares, it’s one of the natural solutions that was created in order to protect and respect the habitat of the Spectacled Bear, an iconic species of Quito.

Quito Vivarium
The Vivarium is a small colonial style house in La Carolina park. Its main objective is to raise awareness of the environment in order to protect the biodiversity of Quito. It’s an ideal place for the whole family to admire the largest exhibition of live reptiles and amphibians in Ecuador.

The Maquipucuna Reserve
Quito is one of the most important destinations specialising in birds in the world. The Maquipucuna reserve allows birdwatchers to see species of all colours and sizes. This forest, which covers around 5,000 hectares of private land, is considered one of the densest and best preserved in the region.


Güangüiltagua Metropolitan Park
The north metropolitan park is one of the largest green areas in the city, with 571 hectares where you can enjoy bird watching, hiking or cycling. Outdoor picnic and camping areas complete the experience of connecting with nature.

Southern Metropolitan Park
The interpretive farm inside the Southern Metropolitan Park is the perfect place to visit with little ones, where they can have fun with sheep, ducks, llamas, and other animals.
The range of nature tourism on offer in the Capital of the Middle of the World is constantly being updated and innovated, so if you are planning a trip to Quito, go to to find out more about the activities available in this South American paradise.