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Mabrian enters next phase of strategic growth

Mabrian enters next phase of strategic growth

Mabrian announces strategic growth plan as part of evolution to become the number one travel intelligence tool globally.
In addition to the Middle East and North America push the company will also expand further into providing services to hotels, airlines and other private sector businesses.

Travel intelligence leader Mabrian is delighted to announce its strategic growth plan as part of its evolution to become the number one travel intelligence tool globally. The company is delighted to unveil its new strategy, which will focus on leveraging its robust platform, forming new partnerships, expanding internationally, and attracting talent.

As part of this strategy Mabrian has appointed Diana Munoz as Strategic Growth Advisor to the Executive Team.  Over a decade as a Senior Vice President in Mastercard, Munoz held various global positions managing strategic partnerships, and fostering growth for over a decade.  Prior to Mastercard, Diana held senior positions in Citi EMEA and Latam and in American Express North America and Latam.

Under Diana’s advice, Mabrian’s new strategy will focus on international expansion. The company is poised for exponential development and growth in new regions such as the United States or the Middle East, despite already operating in 40 countries. This expansion will be achieved through strategic partnerships at a global level and the exploration of new business segments within the private sector. These initiatives aim to support Mabrian’s existing global leadership in providing intelligence services to tourist destinations.

For the past eight years, Mabrian has been at the forefront of offering travel data and insights through its artificial intelligence-powered visual dashboard. What sets it apart is its ability to integrate multiple sources of data, enabling it to track the complete traveller’s journey, including air travel, hotel stays, destination spending, and social impressions. Mabrian leverages over 20 global data sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of visitor profiles and behaviour, helping destinations optimise their promotional strategies and maximise spending.


With an impressive 85% service renewal rate, Mabrian’s development is supported by its high customer loyalty. In addition, the company continuously improves its Artificial Intelligence systems, allowing for the identification and forecasting of tourism trends using Big Data analytics. These ongoing advancements in AI strengthen Mabrian’s position as an industry leader.

“Mabrian is delighted to welcome Diana Munoz as a Strategic Advisor to our executive team” stated Santi Camps, Founder & CEO at Mabrian. “Diana’s in-depth understanding of the travel industry and her strategic vision will be instrumental in driving our growth and establishing Mabrian as a global leader in travel intelligence. We are confident that her appointment will enable us to seize new opportunities and strengthen our position.”

Camps added: “Mabrian’s client base speaks to the strength of our offerings. Now, we are expanding our services to the private sector, exploring new regions, and actively engaging in partnerships with key consulting firms.

This growth trajectory has us incredibly excited and ready to take on new challenges.“Diana Munoz, in her new role as a Strategic Advisor, expressed her enthusiasm about joining Mabrian, stating, “After many years of working with Mabrian as a partner, I am delighted to be a part of this new phase in its journey and excited to contribute to its international expansion. Mabrian’s advanced technology, combined with its strong client base and exceptional team, positions us for tremendous growth. I look forward to leveraging my expertise and working closely with the team to capitalise on the opportunities ahead and drive success in this new phase.”