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Lily Allen lambasts Ryanair for “unbelievable” charges

Popstar Lily Allen has taken to Twitter to vent her anger at Ryanair for charging her £40 for failing to bring her boarding pass to check in.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter was flying on the low-cost carrier from London to Belfast over the weekend to launch her new clothing collection with her sister Sarah Owen. However she was forced to pay the fee as she forgot to print her boarding pass.

Allen tweeted: “Ryan Air have just charged me 40 quid to print out my boarding pass. Unbelievable.”

Followed by: “Oh, and now they’ve taken it off of me. 40 pounds for a piece of paper that was mine for approx. 7 mins, wow….”

The airline does state clearly in its General Conditions on its website and email correspondence that if a passenger fails to bring their boarding pass to the airport they will be charged a £40 or €40 re-issue fee. However this has failed to prevent a wave of criticism from passengers.

In February 2011, disgruntled passengers on a flight from the Canary Islands “mutinied”.

Other extra charges include a £20/€20 “Infant fee”, up to £20/€20 for infant equipment and £100 or 100 euro ‘Fee for Special Declaration of Valuable Baggage.’

The launch of Lily Allen and her sister’s collection follows a similar event in Dubai earlier this week.

The siblings have launched at luxury fashion retail outlet Boutique 1, in JBR The Walk, Dubai Marina.

Lily told Abu Dhabi newspaper The National: “When we were just collecting stuff for the shop in London we would buy things that we knew weren’t necessarily going to work on the shop floor but we were drawn to for some reason and when we’d accumulated a massive pile of this stuff that we couldn’t sell we thought, well, we’ve got to do something with it, and we used them as our inspiration pieces for this collection, and for future collections as well.”

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