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Learn How to Be a Biologist at the Newly Reopened Research Centre at Gal Oya Lodge, Sri Lanka

Learn How to Be a Biologist at the Newly Reopened Research Centre at Gal Oya Lodge, Sri Lanka

Gal Oya Lodge, the renowned eco-tourism lodge dedicated to animal conservation, is thrilled to announce the reopening of its research centre, offering a unique opportunity for aspiring biologists and naturalists.

Located within the grounds of the lodge and on the edge of Gal Oya National Park, this lodge provides children and nature enthusiasts an immersive experience to explore the world of wildlife research and conservation.

Founded by John Balmond, Sangjay Choegyal, and Tim Edwards, Gal Oya Lodge is committed to preserving the natural beauty of Gal Oya National Park while promoting sustainable tourism practices. The lodge stands as a tribute to Tim’s late father, Jim Edwards, whose lifelong dedication to animal conservation inspired the creation of this haven.

The research centre serves as a hub for scientific exploration and wildlife documentation. Visitors, particularly children and nature lovers, are warmly invited to the centre, where they can engage with researchers and stay informed about the latest data collections, results, and discoveries. Moreover, they have a unique opportunity to accompany our dedicated team of naturalists to various camera trap sites, witnessing firsthand the meticulous process of data collection, preparation, and analysis. The animals that are regularly captured on the camera traps placed within or next to the lodge boundaries include:

Fishing and jungle cats, Mouse deer, Pangolin Otters, Wild Boar,  Elephants (swimming in Sri Lankas largest lake),  Porcupines, Hares and Mongoose.


In addition to the above the following animals are regularly captured on camera traps placed within the National Park (special permission is needed from the Warden for guests to accompany researchers inside the park) Leopard, Sloth bear, Sambar deer and Wild buffalo.

For young and aspiring biologists and naturalists, Gal Oya Lodge offers an exceptional chance to delve deeper into their passion. As part of a more mature student program, serious nature enthusiasts with a keen interest in a specific species can stay at the lodge for free in exchange for documenting their findings. This immersive experience enables individuals to learn from experienced researchers, acquire valuable fieldwork skills, and contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts in Gal Oya National Park.

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