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Korean Air launches digital documentation overhaul

Korean Air launches digital documentation overhaul

Korean Air has launched a full-scale digitalisation of travel documents by introducing an e-Document system (e-DOC).

As such, the flag-carrier becomes the first airline in the world to implement such a system.

Customers will be able to fill out 23 types of documents, including pet transportation declaration, unaccompanied minor and health condition declaration forms, on their digital devices.

In addition, information gathered upon reservation, such as email address, contact information and frequent flyer number, will automatically be reflected on the documents, further facilitating the document fill-out process.

Data shared by customers will be safely managed in a secure server.


Information stored in the server will be accessible in real time through dedicated terminals at domestic and overseas branches.

Rapid information processing will significantly reduce customer wait time, and security of personal information will be strengthened as documents are automatically stored and deleted in a managed server.

“The introduction of the e-DOC system is the result of Korean Air’s efforts to enhance customer-centred services as a leading global airline,” said Seungbum Lee, Korean Air chief customer service officer.

“We plan to actively engage in ESG management and further improve customer convenience by providing innovative solutions.”