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Korean Air celebrates 55th anniversary

Korean Air celebrates 55th anniversary

Marking Korean Air’s 55th anniversary, Walter Cho, Korean Air’s Chairman and CEO. He praised the team for their achievements, dedication, and urged everyone to unite and cooperate as we go forward with the Asiana merger.

“From our humble beginnings, we’ve embarked on a remarkable journey,” said Cho in his message to the team. “The Korean Air team’s dedication has propelled the airline from modest beginnings to become a beacon of excellence in the global aviation industry.” Cho credited the dedication of the airline’s predecessors, the loyalty of its customers, and the trust that the airline has nurtured within the communities it serves.

Acknowledging the uncertainties and challenges in the industry, Cho remained optimistic, expressing confidence in the team’s unmatched expertise and skills. “It is with this strength that the future of Korean Air is set to outshine our past achievements.”

A considerable focus of Cho’s message was the strategic acquisition of Asiana Airlines, positioning Korean Air at the forefront of creating a unified and formidable presence in the aviation industry. “As we draw this long and deliberative journey to a close, we find ourselves at the cusp of a new chapter in our history.” remarked Cho, in urging cooperation from the Korean Air team.

Cho also urged Korean Air to remain faithful to the basics and strengthen its inner core as it expands its reach. “Korean Air aspires to be more than a major carrier; we aim to be the airline of choice, synonymous with trust, safety, and unparalleled service that makes every passenger feel at home. By fostering collaboration across departments—operations, customer service, maintenance, and more—we enhance our vigilance and efficiency, allowing us to maintain our commitment to absolute safety and a customer-centric approach.”


To this end, Cho asked the team to “uphold the common visions with respect and unity, to pave the way for a stronger Korean Air, a place where we are all proud and happy to work.”

Korean Air held its 55th anniversary ceremony on March 4 at its headquarters in Seoul, where it recognized its long-serving and exemplary employees. The ceremony also awarded the top teams that participated in the recent walkathon campaign that the airline held in February to commemorate the anniversary.