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KLM invests in customers and crew with iPad

KLM invests in customers and crew with iPad

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has confirmed it will begin issuing iPads to around 5,000 pilots, senior pursers and pursers.

The tablet computer will support our flight personnel’s activities on board.

A pilot project launched in late 2011 revealed that this new technology further improves customer service.

“Our customers greatly appreciate the personal service KLM offers on board,” said Peter Hartman, president-director at KLM.

“The iPad enables staff to offer passengers even more personal service and can, for instance, be used to update them more quickly on last-minute operational changes.

“Even in economically challenging times, it is very important to keep investing in our customers and personnel.

“Innovation is high on KLM’s agenda. Via this project we are investing in our customers and crew.”

The pilot project saw around 100 cockpit and cabin crew using the iPad on board.

Evaluation revealed that cabin crew using the iPad could respond more quickly and effectively to the personal wishes of passengers.

For pilots, the iPad is an extra aid in ensuring smooth flight operations. Decisions can, for instance, be made more quickly because flight plans can be shared earlier.

The full rollout of the iPads will take several months.

By autumn of this year, all pilots, (senior) pursers and senior cabin attendants of KLC will be equipped with an iPad.

The decision comes as the FAA confirmed it will revaluate the use of personal electronic devices, including the iPad on flights in the United States.