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Katy Perry to act as godmother to Norwegian Prima

Katy Perry to act as godmother to Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that world-famous pop icon and American Idol judge Katy Perry will serve as the godmother to its newest ship, Norwegian Prima, debuting August.

As godmother, Perry will not only fulfil the longstanding maritime tradition of blessing and officially naming Norwegian Prima, the first of six vessels in the Prima Class, but she will perform during the christening.

Norwegian Prima will then set sail on her inaugural voyages from Reykjavík, Iceland.

The vessel will be the first major cruise ship christened in the Icelandic capital.

A vital and familiar element of any ship launch and dating back centuries, the highly regarded tradition of appointing a godmother is a fundamental nautical custom.


The selected godmother officiates a ceremonial breaking of a champagne bottle on the ship’s bow to bid the vessel and its travellers good fortune.

“We are so excited to welcome Katy Perry, a one-of-a-kind artist and worldwide sensation, as godmother of Norwegian Prima,” said Harry Sommer, chief executive of NCL.

“We are so incredibly proud that she will be part of the Norwegian Cruise Line family and look forward to launching our beautiful, innovative ship with her in August.”

Norwegian Prima is the company’s most in-demand vessel ever launched, delivering world-class service, thoughtful design, unforgettable itineraries, and an unrivalled guest experience.

“My most favourite way to vacation with my family is on the water.

“Every morning that you wake up, you get to experience an incredible new view,” said Perry.

“I love that I get to christen her with my good vibrations, and I’m so excited for this new, beautiful, high-end, high-tech ship to take the seas, and provide once-in-a-lifetime vacations for so many families.”