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John Naisbitt welcomed to Mission Hills Dongguan

New York Times bestselling author and future studies pioneer John Naisbitt and his wife Doris Naisbitt have visited Mission Hills for the Global Game Change Talks China Conference.

The talks marked a milestone for Mission Hills, the world’s largest golf club and integrated leisure resort, as it strives to expand from hospitality and business development into the cultural entertainment and international education fields.

The pair shared their vision of the future with China as the Global Game Changer and raised the idea of the emergence of a “Global Southern Belt” which includes more than 150 countries of the world, most of which are in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Naisbitt noted China is a “doer rather than a talker” in many global challenges, as evinced by its successful reform and opening up. 

On tourism and their experience at Mission Hills, the couple, John and Doris shared: “It is a miraculous place, and there are lots to discover.

“The scale and its intention is remarkable.” 

In accordance with the influential position Mission Hills holds within China’s economy, the group’s chairman, Ken Chu, was invited to write a foreword for their new book, the Traditional Chinese language edition of Global Game Change.

Chu said: “It is our honour to invite John and Doris to Mission Hills, their books are in my personal must read list in my life. One of their previous books, China’s Megatrends opened my eyes on the opportunities presented by the reform of the government of China.”