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Johannesburg invites the world to experience the true spirit of Ubuntu

Johannesburg invites the world to experience the true spirit of Ubuntu

This November, there is a unique opportunity for both Africans and the rest of the world to practically share the values of uBuntu and come together as one.

Johannesburg has been chosen as the proud host city for a very special gathering from November 9-11 - the Global Afrika uBuntu/Oneness Indaba. This major event looks to remind all the people of Africa of our spiritual heritage, which can be traced back to our ancient origins with Africa as the Cradle of Humankind. The Indaba hopes to encourage everyone to contribute towards an African Spiritual Rebirth, together with the Spiritual Rebirth of the World as a whole, as part of the African Spiritual Renaissance currently taking place across the continent.

This landmark event has the support of the Johannesburg Tourism Company, which looks forward to extending the warmest of welcomes to the city of Johannesburg to the thousands of delegates expected to travel from across South Africa, the African continent, and the world, to participate. Speaking on behalf of JTC, Chief Executive Officer, Lindiwe Kwele, commented:

“As a city, we are proud to host such a prestigious gathering, which celebrates the values of uBuntu and which embraces our inter-connectedness and diversity. In today’s increasingly challenging and pressurized environment, the need to rediscover a more spiritual way of living has probably never been more timeous and relevant. We encourage the local residents of Johannesburg, together with visitors from across the region and overseas, to support this extraordinary event and to take inspiration from its message of unity.”

This event is the culmination of two years of preparation and hopes to draw participation and delegates from across the continent and the globe. “This is an unprecedented opportunity for the people of the world to contribute towards the African Spiritual Rebirth and the Spiritual Rebirth of the World,” said organizer Dr. Coertze. The Global Afrika uBuntu Keynote Gala Event will unite people in Africa with the rest of the world, (160 countries and the potential of 400 million people through live Facebook streaming), in prayer, meditation,n and blessings for 30 minutes at 11:00 pm South African time on November 11, 2011 (11/11/11).


The Johannesburg Tourism Company will be helping to promote the event over the next weeks to visitors both at home and abroad. Special accommodation packages have been created for those wishing to stay in the city and take advantage of the opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere and welcoming environment of Johannesburg. Johannesburg Tourism is a member of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

The Global Afrika uBuntu Program

Phase 1: 2011 The Global Afrika uBuntu Indaba Keynote Gala Event: (November 11, 2011)

This event will carry local and international speakers on the Dawn of a New Civilization through the Spiritual Renaissance of Africa and the World. Bringing awareness that Ubuntu, the African expression of Oneness is the spiritual heritage of the African Continent, Africa’s gift to the world. Uniting Afrika and the world in 30 minutes of prayer, silence, and blessing on the 11/11/11 at 11:00 pm, this event will serve to create awareness of uBuntu and Oneness in all areas of life, raise funds, and serve to launch the Global Afrika uBuntu Program (2012-2035).

Phase 2: 2012- Sikilel’iAfrika Stadium Event

Connecting up to 70,000 people in South Africa, with Africa and the world (160 countries and the potential of 400 million people through live streaming on Facebook) in an annual effort of prayer, blessings, and silence towards the spiritual renaissance of Africa and the world.

Phase 3: Global Afrika uBuntu Program (2012- 2035) - Extended Oneness Programs in Africa

This phase runs from 2012 to 2035 and will be directed towards all Africans at grassroots levels, bringing about continued healing, awareness, transformation, and spiritual awakening for individuals, families, communities, and nations. These programs and projects will focus on all levels of existence and life.


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