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ITLM goes virtual with 2020 World Tour

ITLM goes virtual with 2020 World Tour

ILTM has replaced its suspended 2020 shows with online versions.

Under the title ITLM World Tour, the virtual events are designed to unite the entire global community of buyers and suppliers of luxury travel. 

A new one-off digital opportunity with a creative difference, organisers hope the shows will compensate for the postponed ILTM events in 2020 and provide an environment for international luxury travel brands and regional buyer communities to virtually meet to connect and build their businesses.

“While we know that virtual events will never replace our love to meet and share stories in person, we know right now that what counts the most is getting business lined up for 2021. 

“We cannot predict the timing of when growth will come back, but we can be ready for whenever it happens,” said Alison Gilmore, ILTM portfolio director.

The ILTM World Tour will take place across three consecutive days, over three consecutive weeks, reaching three buyer source regions.


The shows will take place on three consecutive weeks, with Asia Pacific going first from November 17th-19th.

Europe, Middle East and Africa will follow, on November 23rd-25th, with North and South America concluding the run on December 1st-3rd.

ILTM Cannes has been postponed to 2021.

Describing how ILTM World Tour was created, Gilmore added: “We have created this one-off event to design a truly global business opportunity for all our ILTM suppliers and buyers and planned it so that we respect all time zones. 

“With a three-week time frame, everyone can create their own strategy and arrange meetings that will work for them.”

She added: “We know that the unprecedented events of 2020 have meant the luxury travel industry has had to adapt their business strategies. 

“With target markets shifting as some borders remain closed, we want the objective of the ILTM World Tour to offer a global proposition to open up opportunities for all participants and be a time to bring people together, uniting through shared experiences and business, whilst we plan for our return.”