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Is Cristiano Ronaldo More Than Just A Face Of The Pestana CR7 Hotel Chain?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo More Than Just A Face Of The Pestana CR7 Hotel Chain?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players of all time, known for his incredible skill, speed, and precision on the pitch. But off the field, Ronaldo has also established himself as a savvy businessman, with a number of investments in various industries.
One of his most successful ventures is the Pestana CR7 hotel chain, a collaboration with the Pestana Group, which has properties in several cities around the world.

The idea for the Pestana CR7 hotel chain came about when Ronaldo and the CEO of the Pestana Group, Dionisio Pestana, met in 2015.

The two men hit it off and began discussing the possibility of a hotel chain that would combine Ronaldo’s star power with Pestana’s experience in the hospitality industry.
Ronaldo said –

In my opinion, he’s the best guy to do business with in Portugal…He’s from Madeira too, so it was a good partnership. He has the experience, not just in Portugal but all over the world…Dionisio is the number one and I’m the number one in football so, we have everything.


The first Pestana CR7 hotel opened in Ronaldo’s hometown of Funchal, Madeira, in July 2016, and it has since expanded to locations in Lisbon, Madrid, and New York.

As the hotels are completely operated by the Pestana group, they have everything you would want in a hotel.

Keeping in trend with the rest of the Pestana Group, Pestana CR7 hotels focus on technology and innovation.

Each hotel features state-of-the-art amenities, including virtual reality headsets, smart mirrors, and interactive walls. The hotels also incorporate a number of sustainable features, such as energy-efficient lighting and water-saving systems.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo involved in the day-to-day running of the Pestana CR7 hotel chain?
In addition to his role as a co-owner of the hotel chain, Ronaldo is also heavily involved in the design and marketing of the properties.

He worked closely with the Pestana Group’s design team to create the distinctive aesthetic of the hotels, which incorporates sleek lines, bold colours, and a modern, urban vibe.

Ronaldo also serves as the face of the brand, appearing in promotional materials and marketing campaigns for hotels everywhere. He was also present at the opening of all CR7 hotel openings.

But Ronaldo’s involvement in the Pestana CR7 hotel chain goes beyond just lending his name and image to the brand.

He is also a hands-on investor, with a lot of money riding in the business.

The hotel chain is a joint venture between Ronaldo and the Pestana Hotel Group, with the football star holding a 50% stake in the venture.

According to reports, Ronaldo has invested around €40 million into the project, which shows his commitment to the venture.

The investment has allowed the chain to expand and open new properties in several cities, including Madrid and Marrakesh, and there are plans for further expansion in the future.

He has also been known to make surprise visits to the properties, check in with staff and guests, and offer feedback on everything from the food to the decor.

The success of the Pestana CR7 hotel chain is a testament to Ronaldo’s vision and business acumen. The brand has been recognized with a number of awards and accolades, including Portugal’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel and Europe’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel by World Travel Awards in 2020.

The hotels have also received rave reviews from guests, who praise the high-quality amenities, stylish design, and exceptional service.

What’s next for Ronaldo x Pestana group after successful hotel chain?
But Ronaldo’s partnership with the Pestana Group goes beyond just the hotel chain. Ronaldo and Pestana have now announced a new project – Pestana Residences CR7.

This marks Pestana’s entry into the real estate category as they seek to build 88 apartments in Ronaldo’s hometown of Madeira.

This will also be a 50-50 partnership between Ronaldo and Pestana and includes around a 50 Million Euros investment. The residences will be built on a plot of land already owned and managed by Ronaldo at Praia Formosa.

Ronaldo’s involvement in the Pestana CR7 hotel chain and other ventures with the Pestana Group demonstrates his commitment to entrepreneurship and his ability to translate his success on the pitch into success off the field.

With his monetary investment, marketing powerhouse, and design inspiration, he is not just an ambassador for the brand – he is making the brand.