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ibis Styles, part of Accor, a world-leading hospitality group, is excited to launch its first #OpenpARTy at ibis Styles Copenhagen Orestad on 28 September 2023. The colossal live event of collaborative digital art is designed to celebrate the creativity of the ibis Styles brand, its distinctive guest experiences, and unique lifestyle aesthetic.
The #OpenpARTy concept is part of the brand’s global #OpenToCreativity program, collaborating with arts & design communities to stir up energy and infuse each ibis Styles hotel with a one-of-a-kind vibe, nourishing the creative souls of its guests and showcasing the creative work of neighborhood artists. Soon in play at more than 40 ibis Styles hotels, #OpentoCreativity and the #OpenpARTy series are just getting started. With a global network of more than 650 hotels worldwide, ibis Styles ensures there is much more artistic creation yet to come.

Guests of the #OpenpARTy at ibis Styles Copenhagen Orestad will unleash their artistic passions in a creative process of live-event digital art making. The work will be curated by one of Copenhagen’s favorite street artists, Isaac Malakkai, admired for his work in physical and digital spaces, animations, and motion graphics. Whether they choose to meticulously prepare a digital submission that becomes part of the work’s fabric, or simply stand within the projections of the unfolding work in progress, guests are welcome to become part of the art. The finished product will be minted as an NFT – jointly made and jointly owned – acting as a communal slice of Copenhagen’s style.

“The #OpenpARTy concept is one of the many distinctive ibis Styles experiences that guests will not find elsewhere. By engaging the public to co-create with local artists at our hotels, we are showing our support for artistic experimentation, authenticity, and self-expression, while inviting guests to truly become part of the art,” said Marie-Agnès Froment, ibis Styles Brand Director, Accor. “Across our ibis Styles network, our #OpenToCreativity program is pushing culture forwards, celebrating creativity, and unlocking access to a likeminded global community. For guests, our hotels open the door to local creative culture; for our talented neighbors, we provide space to meet, collaborate and showcase their artistic talents.”

#OpenpARTy @ Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s edgiest artists, performers and tastemakers will vibe with ibis Styles guests, fans, and followers at the ibis Styles Copenhagen Orestad #OpenpARTy on 28 September 2023, featuring @Malakkai, one of the top local street artists in Denmark. Sound will be provided by Danish DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke and DJ Prom Night. The hybrid event will be livestreamed on the ibis Styles Metaverse spatial gallery and the brand’s social media networks (Instagram and TikTok) – sharing the #OpenpARTy and its message of openness with ibis Styles’ far-reaching global community.
*To access the Metaverse on your mobile phone, download the app on iPhone/iPad or Android.


Copenhagen was chosen as the first city to host an ibis Styles #OpenpARTy, given its renowned arts community and cultural emphasis on avant-garde design. The city was recently designated as World Capital of Architecture for 2023 by the Director-General of UNESCO. More #OpenpARTy events will follow at ibis Styles destinations across Europe, celebrating the talented artists and unique cultural scenes in each community.

“Art is inherently a collaboration between an artist and an audience. The ideas that a piece of art inspires are always a result of that conversation between creator and viewer, usually facing one other, in an almost oppositional way,” said Isaac Malakkai aka @Malakkai. “ibis Styles is making it fresh by bringing the audience around to the artists’ side, immersing them fully in the creative process, which is both challenging and exciting – and will truly reflect the colors, and voices, and wild perspectives that exist throughout the streets of Copenhagen.”

Those wishing to attend the event are invited to sign up for the guest list here.

#OpenToCreativity @ The World

The Copenhagen #OpenpARTy is just one element of ibis Styles’ #OpenToCreativity global program. The program launched in 2022 with the #OpenToCreators metaverse (the ibis Styles Spatial Gallery) and successful events in Seville and Bangkok. Participating hotels create original and unique artwork by partnering with a local creator or using our artificial intelligence process with MidJourney. Each hotel expresses its one-of-a-kind artwork across multiple touchpoints – such as room keys, art installations in the Social Hubs, and brand merchandising items in the hotel boutiques. The artwork is also minted as NFTs for guests’ digital wallets as welcome gifts, displayed in the hotels, and archived in the ibis Styles Spatial Gallery. In addition, the hotels’ Social Hubs offer a Perfect Photo Spot for selfie moments with the artwork to share on social media.

Above all, ibis Styles aims to attract forward-thinking creatives from the local community, creating a lively cultural mix with visiting hotel guests. Digital creation workshops, paint-and-sip nights, and opening night soirees of local artist exhibitions, are just a few ways ibis Styles hotels are delivering fun, edgy, and stimulating experiences. Many ibis Styles hotels also feature the work of local artists and artisans in ways relevant to their own market, with clothing, accessories, workshops, body positivity talks, fashion shows, collection launch parties, and tattoo or body art demos.