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ibis brands remodel guest experience

ibis brands remodel guest experience

Ibis has rolled-out its new guest experience which will see employees connecting with guests in a more social and interactive way, approaching to help guests rather than waiting to be approached.

The move supports ibis as the benchmark in the hospitality economy segment while also proving its credentials as a customer service leader.

The remodelled customer experience has been created to meet the changing expectations of guests seeking more social, interactive hospitality experiences with higher levels of customer service.

Ibis wants employees to focus on a personalised connection with guests, making them feel welcome.

The new approach will see ibis employees using mobile devices to access any information they need away from the confines of a desk or a computer.


It is supported by the company’s new FOLS mobile software, which will be rolled out in ibis, ibis styles and ibis budget - by the end of May, at a rate of one hotel a day.

The software, developed by AccorHotels, allows everything from check-in to housekeeping and breakfast to be managed within one app via mobile devices.

This makes it easier for employees to manage their schedules and access information while changing the way employees and guests interact, enabling the opportunity to create a connection between host and guest which is far more personalised.

Karelle Lamouche, senior vice president for economy and budget hotels at AccorHotels UK & Ireland commented: “While ibis hotels are the benchmark in the economy segment we want to go even further by becoming a leader in customer service.

“By using the latest technologies to empower our staff, we can meet new customer expectations for a fully personalised approach.

“We have removed the traditional transactional aspects of the check-in and check-out process which have been too long in our industry.

“In doing so, our employees have more quality time to spend with the guest.”