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Iberia moves to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow

Iberia moves to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow

The merger of Iberia and British Airways continues to deliver new advantages to the customers of both airlines, with the Spanish flag-carrier set to move to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow.

Iberia passengers will depart and arrive at the new facility from March 25th.

The move will substantially improve connections between both airlines’ flight networks.

The minimum connection time between Terminal 5 and Terminal 3, currently used by Iberia, is 90 minutes. After the move, it will drop to 60 minutes.

Since the merger between Iberia and British Airways, and the launch of their transatlantic joint business with American Airlines, the Spanish and British airlines have operated many flights under a code share agreement.

The move to Terminal 5 will strengthen these arrangements.

Iberia customers will be able to enjoy Terminal 5’s world class facilities, including over 110 shops and restaurants.

At Terminal 5 Iberia passengers will be able to use any of the large number of check-in kiosks or bag drops.

Business Class passengers will benefit from special check-in areas and fast-track security control procedures.

Iberia is using all communications channels to inform customers and travel agents of the change, including information pillars in Terminal 3.

Terminal 5, British Airways’ hub, opened in 2008 and has contributed to major gains in both punctuality and speed of luggage delivery.

Iberia and British Airways flights have been located together at Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4 since the facility opened in 2006, so from March 25th all Iberia and British Airways flights between their two hubs will leave from the same terminals, giving passengers a much smoother transfer experience between flights.