Breaking Travel News partners with TripAdvisor partners with TripAdvisor announced today a partnership with TripAdvisor to integrate TripAdvisor reviews and ratings across the website.

“TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted travel brands in the world and our members are already using their content to plan every aspect of their travels. This partnership will provide additional value to members and will make the planning process even more seamless –members can now access useful TripAdvisor ratings and reviews without even having to leave our site,” says Chief Operating Officer Jim Pickell.

Whether browsing the newly launched “Collections”, or getting enquiries from any part of the world, members will be able to learn more about destinations before making a decision. Now information and reviews on restaurants, local farmers markets, entertainment, kid-friendly attractions, parks, and activities such as biking or hiking will be accessible within a click.

“The community is based on sharing,” says Pickell, “our members reveal their favorite things to do and places to eat to their exchange partners, creating an authentic “live like a local” experience. Our collaboration with TripAdvisor will exponentially increase the opportunities for our members to make informed decisions and find new destinations.”