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Gogo, Boeing to pursue in-flight connectivity Boeing commercial aircraft

Gogo, Boeing to pursue in-flight connectivity Boeing commercial aircraft

Gogo, a leading aircraft communications service provider to the global aviation industry, has agreed to a technical services agreement (TSA) with Boeing to evaluate Gogo’s suite of technology solutions on Boeing commercial aircraft.

The agreement initiates the evaluation process for potential installation on new Boeing aircraft orders.  Gogo is targeting to have line-fit evaluations completed for its ATG-4 in 2015 and satellite solutions in 2016.

“As Gogo continues to retro-fit aircraft with its various connectivity solutions, it’s crucial to work towards line-fit of these solutions for all new orders so each aircraft comes off the line with Gogo connectivity already installed and ready for service from day one,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s president and CEO.

In addition, Gogo currently has an agreement in place with Boeing for line-fit provisions for its ATG-4 technologies on 737NG aircraft.

The provisioning will allow airlines to make some modifications needed on new aircraft to improve the installation process for the ATG-4 service after an airline takes delivery.  The provisioning is an important step to achieving true line-fit capabilities in the future.


“By taking care of some of the aircraft modification needs at the manufacturing level, this provisioning agreement will make the installation process much smoother after an airline takes delivery of the new aircraft,” added Small.