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Generator Hostels reveals top tips for “CV-savvy travel” after A-levels

Generator Hostels reveals top tips for “CV-savvy travel” after A-levels

Students who miss out university places can still improve their chances of employment by going on “CV-savvy” trips during their gap years, according to leading budget accommodation Generator Hostels.

The company has issued a guide to help school leavers who don’t make it into further education on how to improve their appeal to potential employers through travel.

The guide was issued after the head of UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) called for unsuccessful students to avoid the traditional gap year and look to a “bridging year” to enhance their CV instead.

However, Generator Hostels says improving your CV need not mean waving goodbye to your travel plans and insists choosing the right trip could actually increase your education and employment potential.

Based upon its experience welcoming 480,000 independent travellers each year, the company compiled the following guide to CV-savvy travel:


Try your hand at teaching: Teaching requires patience, confidence, creativity and interpersonal skills, all valuable attributes you can bring to future study or work. TEFL

  summer camps provide an organised route into teaching English abroad and will even pay you. CELTA

runs courses on teaching English as a foreign language.

Open up your options and study overseas: With university places in short supply in the UK, why not consider studying abroad? The application process can take more than 12 months but studying overseas shows initiative and can be the ideal opportunity to learn a language. Make sure you do your research and only opt for credible institutions. Consult the UKCISA website

and Your Europe

  for advice on studying abroad.

Give something back: A break in your education can be the ideal opportunity to show you care by undertaking charitable work. Research your options, opt for a well-established charity and remember that you may have to work first to afford your trip. Raleigh International

  supports and provides a wealth of information on voluntary trips. Or look at options closer to home such as those run by CSV   or the National Trust


For the adrenaline junkie: Consider channelling your energy into the achievement of a lifetime. Climbing a mountain or embarking on a sporting challenge shows commitment, dedication and perseverance. Remember that most trips will require training and funding. Consider organised expeditions with companies such as World Challenge

. If you’re sporty why not share your water or winter sports skills and teach - try Adventure Jobs

  for advice.

“There are a wealth of opportunities out there so if things didn’t go to plan on results’ day it could be the start of something twice as exciting,” said Eric Van Dijk, managing director at Generator Hostels. “If you plan well and work out what skills you want to get from a gap year then it’s possible to see the world and come home with a glowing CV that will make you stand out.”