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General strike knocks Italian transport network

A general strike in Italy has seen flights cancelled and widespread disruption spread across the national transport network.

The largest union in the country, CGIL, called the strike in response to proposed austerity measures in the country.

British Airways, Iberia and a number of other airlines have cancelled or rescheduled flights to the country due to the eight-hour strike today.

Air services are due to be disrupted from 10:00-18:00 today.

Disruption to train services will run from 09:00 until 17:00.

The strike coincides with the opening of a debate in the Senate which the government hopes will see swift approval before the package moves to the lower house.

Italy has become the focus of the developing eurozone debt crisis in recent weeks, with bond markets shaky over the country’s ability to implement austerity measures and repay loans.

Millions of Italian trade union members are taking part in the action.

“There are a number of planned national and local transport strikes as well as an ongoing risk of unannounced wildcat strikes by municipal transport workers in cities across Italy,” warned the four million British visitors to Italy.

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