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Two thirds of British cruisers ‘don’t trust’ female captains

Two thirds of British cruisers ‘don’t trust’ female captains

A newly launched cruise website has conducted a study of British cruisers in a bid to discover their attitudes towards cruising staff onboard a ship. According to the study, 17% of the respondents ‘don’t trust’ their cruise ship Captain, 64% of which claimed they would lack trust in female Captains more so than males.

Almost two thirds, 64%, of British cruisers do not trust female cruise ship Captains, according to research conducted by a newly launched cruising website. The study of 1,238 British cruisers was carried out in a bid to discover their attitudes towards cruise ship staff, specifically the Captain of the ship., the website behind the study, conducted the research in order to gain a stronger understanding of British cruisers and how they felt about certain aspects of cruising. was created by the founders of online travel agency

Initially, the respondents to the study were asked ‘When on a cruise holiday, do you trust your Captain completely?’ to which the majority, 83%, said ‘yes’.

With an aim to investigate the topic further, the 17% of respondents who stated that they did not trust their cruise ship Captain were asked if they trusted female Captains less so than male Captains, or vice versa. Two thirds, 64%, said they did not trust female captains completely. 


Furthermore, of the 17% of respondents who admitted that they didn’t trust their cruise ship Captain, 36% said that they lacked trust in male Captains more so than females.

The 64% of respondents who admitted that they trusted male Captains more so then female Captains were asked why they felt less trust in female Captains. According to the research, 19% claimed they lacked trust in female Captains because women are ‘easily distracted’.

A further 21% of the respondents who cited that they had less trust in female Captains than males, said they felt that way because women had ‘less experience in the cruising industry’ than males.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, spoke about the launch:

“It was interesting to see that 17% of those we asked don’t trust their cruise ship Captain; however, their lack of trust cannot be too large as they still embarked on a cruise and I would assume that they enjoyed it.  It was surprising to see that the gender of the Captain can influence their trust levels; both male and female Captains would have had to endure the same training process thus meaning they are equally as qualified.”

He continued,
“We are extremely excited about the launch of and we feel confident that the site will be as successful as The research we have conducted for has proved to be extremely beneficial, as it has allowed us to get a better understanding of our customers. With this in mind, we are very excited to get to know British cruisers even better.”