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Gatwick expansion would “complete the compass of London’s regeneration”

Gatwick expansion would “complete the compass of London’s regeneration”

At an airports debate hosted by the Mayor of London today, Gatwick Airport’s David McMillan will outline how the huge jobs and business boosts a second runway would bring to South London would “complete the compass” of the capital’s regeneration.

Highlighting the already established North and West London, as well as the continued growth of East London, David McMillan argues that only expansion at Gatwick would bring the capital’s transformation full-circle by delivering an Olympic-style boost to South London. Speaking at the “Shaping a growing London: the place of an airport” event, he will also outline why Gatwick expansion is best placed to meet the changing needs of future aviation.

David McMillan, Gatwick Airport non-exec Director and former UK Director General of Civil Aviation, said: “The UK’s next runway is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only tackle the country’s future aviation needs but to also drive widespread regeneration and economic benefits where they are needed most.

“The Mayor has rightly called for a rebalancing of the London economy. With North and West London already well-established and the East beginning to prosper from a post-Olympics boost, the runway debate offers the South a long-overdue time to shine.

“Throughout South London areas like Croydon, Lewisham, Merton and Wandsworth present the clear need and opportunity for regeneration and development. Expansion at Gatwick would be the perfect catalyst, creating thousands of new jobs and business opportunities across the south and completing the compass of London’s regeneration.


“Like London itself, aviation is constantly evolving so the capital needs a flexible airport solution to meet the changing needs of the future. An expanded Gatwick does exactly that and is the only option to offer a flexible future-proofed solution for the growth of all airline models. A second runway would also create lower fares, greater choice and more travel opportunities on the routes Londoners want to fly on without the noise and impact of more flights over the capital.

“From the future growth of the capital to the changing needs of aviation, expansion at Gatwick is the right choice for London and the UK.”

Sir Terry Farrell CBE, considered to be the UK’s leading architect planner, has also outlined today why expansion at Gatwick is the right solution to the UK’s aviation needs.

Sir Terry Farrell CBE said: “The role of an airport goes far beyond a place for airplanes to take off and land. An airport represents trade, communications, economic growth and knowledge transfer. To have a single mega-hub airport would be like putting all of our eggs in one basket.

“London is already arguably the world’s leading aerotropolis, and like New York and Paris with three airports or Shanghai and Tokyo with two airports it builds on the power of existing networks. A single hub airport may be the right answer for smaller cities like Frankfurt or Amsterdam, where most people transfer onto flights elsewhere, but when it comes to London it is invariably the final destination and where people want to end up.

“By providing a second runway at Gatwick we would create a much more balanced airports system that will positively affect the whole of the UK’s infrastructure. It is a really big idea which follows the way the world is going with ‘smart cities’ using digital technology to connect up systems and networks.

“When we have this amazing opportunity for economic growth which is deliverable, avoids creating a monopoly and makes the least impact environmentally, it is our responsibility to make the right decision for the country’s future. A new runway at Heathrow is the wrong choice as is any other option that causes Heathrow to close so the answer is obviously Gatwick.”