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G Adventures launches polar expeditions

G Adventures launches polar expeditions

Demand for repeat expedition visits has led G Adventures to launch two new itineraries to the southernmost continent on board its expedition vessel M/S Expedition.

Both itineraries are featured in G Adventures’ new 2013 Polar Expeditions brochure.

One of the new itineraries explores the abundant wildlife of the Falklands and South Georgia, where travellers this early in the season will be among the first to make landfall.

The other itinerary heads to the Weddell Sea, retracing the journey made by Shackleton onboard Endurance and taking in views of spectacular tabular icebergs.

Also featured in the new Polar Expeditions brochure is G Adventures’ programme of Arctic expeditions running during the Arctic summer, ensuring lovers of polar bears are also catered for.

Michael Edwards, managing director, G Adventures, said the new trips have been introduced as travellers become Arctic and Antarctic-addicted, having seen one pole they are keen to see another, or they’d like to see the same pole from a new perspective.

“All G Adventures’ expedition trips are run by a team of top experts who, at a passenger ratio of 1:10, give travellers a wealth of insight into the climate and nature of these extreme destinations.

“We’re also among the first ships to make landfall in the early season in Antarctica, so the area is quiet with a fresh covering of snow on the ice.

“M/S Expedition is the best vessel in its class in the polar regions and our trips are very competitively priced when compared with other operators, particularly the new trips as we’re running them for the first time,” said Edwards.

All expedition cruise fares include a number of zodiac landings, accommodation and meals onboard, and lectures and daily recaps.