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Funds raised helped 870 families from Cambodia’s Flood victims

Funds raised helped 870 families from Cambodia’s Flood victims

The inspiration for the flood relief appeal came from the children of Green Gecko who shared their concerns about the food crisis caused by the localized extensive flooding. The kids made a proposal on how they would like to help, “Our plan is to save money from our own food spending to buy rice, canned fish, soy sauce and clean water for families that need help. We are looking for partners to join us in our efforts.” Inspired by this initiative, Hotel de la Paix, Golden Banana Boutique Hotel and Resort, Heritage Suites Hotel, Exotissimo Travel Cambodia are collaborating to raise funds to purchase and deliver food and fresh water to 1,200 families in the hardest hit provinces, whom have not yet received any aid.

On October 20, 2011, twenty management and staff from Siem Reap’s tourism business, together with 16 kids from the Green Gecko family worked hand in hand to pack 15 kg of rice, tinned fish and soy sauce and deliver the supplies to three villages and 400 families in the outskirts of Siem Reap who are still in desperate need of aid. On Friday 21st & Sunday October 23rd another 470 families in the Kampong Thom province received the same assistance and other actions are planned for the coming weeks.

Flooding has spread across 17 of Cambodia’s 24 provinces, killing 247 people, forcing the evacuation of more than 34,000 households, and destroying some 200,000 hectares of rice fields, says the National Committee for Disaster Management. Vegetable plots have been destroyed, livestock have been lost and the price of rice has gone up by more than 50%. Access to food is critical for thousands of families, and food security will be a vital concern for thousands more for weeks and months to come.

“Despite scorching sun and torrential rain our common goal of delivering much needed food and water to 870 families across 7 villages was achieved. It just goes to show, all you need is some passion, a common goal and friends willing to work together and you can see what can be achieved. Thank you for supporting our kids in their initiative and involving them in such a great community project… you all made them feel very special and worthy.” said Tania Palmer, the co‐founder and director of the Green Gecko Project.

The three hotels and travel partner are continuously launching appeals to both guests and friends to raise funds for a Direct Action for Emergency Flood Relief. The call likewise goes out to anyone who can and wishes to assist families in plain desperate need. Funds donated go directly and entirely to the purchase of rice, fish and water for those families. Anyone wishing to help should contact the hotels directly or go to to donate online.