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Flooded Fiji closes doors to tourists

Flooded Fiji closes doors to tourists

Fiji has closed its door to international tourism while it battles devastating floods which have swept across the island.

Officials have also warned the situation could deteriorate further as Cyclone Daphne bears down on the South Pacific island.

Flash floods have already claimed three lives, while thousands have been forced into emergency shelters.

Permanent secretary of information Sharon Smith Johns told reports power was down in much of the country, while food supplies in some areas were dwindling.

Airports Fiji Limited was accepting incoming passengers over the weekend, in what should have been a busy period in the build up to Easter.

Passenger planes were arriving empty in order to ferry passengers out of danger.

This embargo has now been lifted, but the situation remains fluid.

Fiji has not yet called for international assistance.

However, Australia and New Zealand have said they are standing by to offer help.