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Finnair launches Air Serbia codeshare deal

Finnair launches Air Serbia codeshare deal

Finnair and Air Serbia have signed a codeshare to boost flight options in Europe for the two airlines’ customers.

The deal opens up a range of new routes for Finnair customers to fly on and provides a significant expansion for passengers flying with the national airline of Serbia.

By adding its ‘AY’ flight code to a raft of Air Serbia flights, Finnair customers can now fly between Belgrade and Helsinki, as well as on flights between Belgrade and the following 12 Air Serbia destinations; Berlin, Bucharest, Larnaca, Podgorica, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Tirana, Tivat and Vienna.

In return, Air Serbia will offer its customers new flights on Finnair aircraft operating on routes from Helsinki to the following European destinations; Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Prague, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius and Vienna.


Philip Lewin, Finnair head of partnerships and alliances, said: “Our new codeshare partnership with Air Serbia is a great way for Finnair to expand its network and reach in Europe.

“We are looking forward to start working with Air Serbia on these new codeshares which will enable our customers to have even more flexible travel options.”

The Serbian airline also added its code to a range of domestic Finnish routes, including those from Helsinki to Ivalo, Joensuu, Jyvaskyla, Kajaani, Kemi, Kokkola, Kuopio, Kuusamo, Oulu, Pietarsaari, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Tornio, Turku and Vaasa.

Jiri Marek, Air Serbia general manager for commercial and strategy, said: “We are glad to have established a codeshare agreement with Finnair, that provides the guests of both companies more choice and flexibility in organising their travels.

“We are sure that this exciting and strategically very important partnership will improve the economic relations of our countries. We are delighted to have the opportunity to host Finnair passengers on our flights to Belgrade as well as to other Air Serbia destinations.”