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Expo 2020 launches awareness programme at the American University in Dubai

Expo 2020 launches awareness programme at the American University in Dubai

As part of the programme, the Expo team shared insights into why the UAE is ideally placed to welcome the world in 2020, and how the event will provide a platform for young people across the region and around the globe to connect, share and help create solutions to key challenges facing the world today.

Ms. Ghalia Ballan, External Relations Manager at the American University in Dubai commented: “Inside every person living in Dubai also lives a piece of their hometown, making this city one of the most cosmopolitan in the world. The American University in Dubai is itself a miniature of the city in which it resides, and with its diverse student body reflects this cosmopolitanism. This is one of many reasons why AUD administration and students fervently support Dubai Expo 2020.”

This visit to AUD follows similar outreach programmes recently launched at Zayed University and the Canadian University in Dubai, as part of an ongoing series of academic community outreach initiatives to raise awareness and generate enthusiasm for the UAE’s Expo 2020 bid.

The team also opened an Expo 2020 kiosk on the AUD campus to raise awareness about the bid and highlight to students and visitors how they can join this truly once-in-a-lifetime campaign by taking part in a number of ongoing initiatives designed to boost the bid’s profile and help the UAE win the right to host this monumental event.

The Expo team encouraged the academic community across the country to join the campaign, commenting that these ongoing outreach programmes are important to raising awareness among students and strengthening the UAE’s bid to welcome the world in 2020.