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ExecuJet Europe adds five wide-bodied aircraft to management fleet

ExecuJet Europe adds five wide-bodied aircraft to management fleet

The ExecuJet Aviation Group has bolstered its European fleet with the addition of seven new aircraft. Over the past few months the company has added a Challenger 300, Challenger 850, two Global Express’, one Global 5000, one Falcon 2000 and a Gulfstream 100. These aircraft are based in London, Moscow, Kiev, and Nice. With more Global Express, Gulfstream and Falcons also in the pipeline for arrival in the next weeks this takes ExecuJet Europe’s management fleet to over 50 aircraft.

Jean-Louis Cehovic, ExecuJet’s Europe newly appointed Director Aircraft Management Sales, notes that business jet owners are increasingly looking to earn revenue from their aircraft and are offering their jets for more third party charter flying this year. ExecuJet is also seeing more of their clients commit to full management packages, enabling them to benefit from the organisation’s buying power in terms of fuel, insurance, maintenance, crew training and other economies of scale.

“At ExecuJet we have developed a unique aircraft management package that makes the switching of operator a seamless process. As most of the new customers we gain have been with previous operators it is important to keep the aircraft flying while we perform all the work required to get the aircraft under a new AOC and maintain the maintenance supervision continuity,” says Cehovic.

“Tougher EU regulations are definitely driving the number of aircraft being placed under management issues such as the new rules on emissions trading - daunting for individual owners - are influencing them to partner with an expert organisation that is au fait with all the work that needs to be done,” he adds.

As part of its aircraft management package ExecuJet will schedule all maintenance work on a managed aircraft, in-house where possible or contracted out to another organisation. In the case of unscheduled maintenance through a third party (which can be costly, especially if an engine or major component needs to be replaced) ExecuJet will check all work when complete, along with the invoices, to ensure that all is in order and giving peace of mind to the client.


ExecuJet Europe’s ability to offer a client the choice of four AOCs – British, Danish, German and Swiss, is attractive, says Cehovic. “They can choose which AOC to fly on, but we always recommend obtaining independent tax advice before making the final selection.”

ExecuJet Europe also meets the mandatory new OTAR (Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements) applicable to all business jets and turboprops registered in Bermuda which came into force on 1 November last year. It is also IS-BAO certified.