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Eurostar discover British ‘traveller-selves’

Eurostar discover British ‘traveller-selves’

Eurostar has revealed research exploring Brits’ ‘traveller-selves’.

The new research shows that travellers enjoy a travel state of mind which changes attitudes to food, technology, relationships and even money as almost two thirds (65 per cent) say they transform into a version of themselves that they prefer.

TV is traded for culture, with over two thirds (66 per cent) saying they are more likely to visit museums, galleries and concerts when they are away, and 70 per cent watching less of their favourite shows.

Diets are abandoned in favour of indulgent eating (67 per cent), and our ‘traveller-selves’ are more adventurous with over two in three 3 more likely to try new foods (67 per cent ), although for nearly one in five fitness fanatics (17 per cent) the extra time is a great opportunity for more exercise.

With more time to focus on appearance, over half (54 per cent) of travellers dress up more than when they do at home, and as they make the most of a trip, half say they are more likely to blow their budget while they are away (49 per cent).


Inhibitions are left at home with 53 per cent saying they are more comfortable talking to someone they’ve just met whilst abroad, and on average travellers are more likely to talk to a waiter or ask someone they don’t know for directions.

British travellers polled are ‘switching off’ in more ways than one, and turning off their mobile devices while away from home.

Over half use their mobile phones less, and almost two thirds are less likely to browse the internet.

While social channels may be full of iconic landmarks and Instagrammed dishes during the summer months, in fact 59 per cent say that they spend less time on social media than they do at home.

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said: “When people are away from their everyday routines and environments they are liberated from the norms of their usual lives and free to try new things.

“It’s these changes in pace, culture, and activity which can be most refreshing and reinvigorating as it all helps to leave the stress and strain of regular life at home.

“Travelling gives us the subconscious message that the usual rules do not apply and we can be free to behave how we want to a large extent.”

Nearly half of the travellers surveyed cited quality time with friends and family as a key reason for getting away.

Nick Mercer, commercial director, Eurostar added: “Our research shows that people have a state of mind which is more open and inquisitive when they travel.

“This is at the heart of our philosophy, with Eurostar’s seamless experience allowing travellers to embrace their own personal travel state of mind from the moment they board.”