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Europcar rolls out new mobility portal in UK

Europcar rolls out new mobility portal in UK

Europcar UK has launched its new mobility portal to give fleet and travel managers one-stop access to the company’s full range of mobility services. 

Europcar One also provides fleet and business travel professionals with crucial insight into how mobility services are being used within their organisation, in order to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

“Europcar UK is committed to getting the right vehicle in the right place at the right time and that can be many things, from traditional car hire to car use by the hour,” explained Clive Forsythe, director of corporate sales for Europcar UK Group.

“By bringing all our services together, the new Europcar One platform empowers fleet and travel managers to meet the wide range of demands and challenges facing them and their organisations, through a single booking portal.”

At the heart of the design of Europcar One was the requirement to give fleet and travel managers a 3600 view of every journey – from initial booking through to vehicle return and invoicing.


Crucially, fleet managers need to be able to understand and analyse how the use of different mobility solutions is impacting financial and environmental targets.

Europcar One delivers this insight through consolidated reporting and invoicing.

“With the depth of intelligence delivered by Europcar One, fleet and travel managers can better understand, and therefore control their spend on mobility services,” continued Clive Forsythe. 

“And, importantly, they can use that knowledge to inform future travel policies, ensuring that they are giving users the services they need when and where they need them, while managing the overall costs.”

Europcar One provides direct access to one of the youngest fleets in the car hire market and Europcar’s market leading commercial vehicle fleet, including ready to rent specialist vehicles available within four hours, as well as the full range of mobility services from Europcar Group. 

Europcar One also provides access to Europcar’s international services for business travellers travelling abroad, including flat rates in 46 countries and over 200 cities, with costs inclusive of airport and railway surcharge rates and no additional charge for extra drivers.