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Europcar Long Term launches to UK drivers

Europcar Long Term launches to UK drivers

Europcar has launched Europcar Long Term, a new fixed-rate product designed to give motorists fixed prices on monthly car hire.

With rates starting at £360 per month for the mini category and a monthly mileage allowance of 2,520 miles, the leader in car hire services in Europe believes its new solution provides motorists with an ideal alternative to car ownership, maintenance and servicing costs. 

And unlike car ownership or leasing where customers are stuck with the same car for years, drivers can change the vehicle every month. 

Alternatively, they can keep the same car for three months and have a free valet once per month.

Research commissioned by Europcar revealed that half of UK car owners are spending ten per cent of their monthly income on running their car but use it for less than an hour a day. 


Yet, while motorists are all too aware of the increasing costs associated with car ownership, the need for access to a vehicle remains crucial. 

Some 44 per cents of respondents admitted that they couldn’t function without their car and public transport doesn’t make the cut with 69 per cent of women stating it was inconvenient and 45 per cent of men saying it was too costly.

“Europcar Long Term is the ideal solution for motorists looking for the flexibility of leasing but without being locked into a lengthy contract and having to be responsible for servicing and insurance,” explained Robert Shaw, operations director, Europcar UK Group.

“We believe that goes to the heart of the challenges many motorists are facing in balancing costs against ownership.

“Customers using Europcar Long Term can book and rent their car immediately, with no forms or credit checks - just a simple credit card payment.

“It’s ideal for motorists who don’t want to be pinned down to the long-term commitment of car ownership.”