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Europcar acquires Spanish mobility provider Bluemove

Europcar acquires Spanish mobility provider Bluemove

Europcar Group has acquired Bluemove, a mobility tech start-up and car sharing leader in Spain.

Carried out through Ubeeqo, a mobility start-up in which Europcar took a majority share, the acquisition is a further step in the group’s ambitious acquisition plan and is fully part of its strategy to become the reference for urban mobility.

Bluemove is the leading tech company in Spain in the car sharing market for individuals, giving access to a fleet available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, through a dedicated app.

It has been a well-established brand in Spain since 2011, with a community of 47,000 registered customers, operating in the cities of Madrid, Seville and Malaga, and will be soon launched in Barcelona and Valencia.

It enjoys strategic agreements with diverse private and public entities in all cities where it operates, such as the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid.


This acquisition will allow Europcar Group to further accelerate the development of car sharing through Ubeeqo, by bringing its support to scaling up the business thanks to its customer base and its know-how for fleet management and financing.

Ubeeqo is already deploying its multi modal platform offering a seamless book and pay experience to customers and is already present in three European countries - France, UK and Belgium – as well as coming soon to Germany and now Spain through Bluemove.

“We are pleased that this acquisition strengthens, with Ubeeqo, our leadership in mobility markets and allows us to attract and address new customers.

“Together, we are going to simplify customers’ lives by providing them with solutions that adapt seamlessly to their usage patterns and mobility needs,” commented Philippe Germond, chairman of the Europcar Group.

“Only a few weeks after the acquisition of a French franchisee, Locaroise, this new operation is a further illustration of our commitment to create value for our shareholders through acquisitions and the development of new mobility services, alongside the deployment of the second phase of our Fast Lane transformation plan.”