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Etihad signs partnership with private jet charter Victor

Etihad signs partnership with private jet charter Victor

Etihad Airways has announced a new partnership with Victor, the fastest-growing on-demand private jet charter company in the world.

The deal is designed to complement and promote its exclusive The Residence and First Apartment cabins, both available on the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet.

The partnership also allows customers the ultimate convenience of chartering a seamless private aircraft connection to or from their international A380 flights.

Etihad Airways is the first scheduled airline to partner with private jet charter providers world-wide to promote specific scheduled flights on its extensive global network.

The airline has seen strong interest and demand within the private jet market for its ultra-exclusive A380 cabins, and is using the charter distribution network to reach this important customer segment.


Victor, which has bases in London, New York and California, is the only jet charter company to provide real-time availability, and the only one fully disclosing transaction fees, and specific operator and aircraft details, offering customers total transparency and control with no upfront commitments.

The company’s end-to-end charter booking and flight management service is also unique, supported by innovative technology and using smartphones, tablets and computers.

Shane O’Hare, Etihad Airways senior vice president, marketing, said: “With the A380, Etihad Airways has designed innovative and luxurious interiors, products and services which match the sophisticated needs of the private jet customer.

“Our unique agreement with Victor will give those customers wanting the ultimate luxury private jet experience a simplified end-to-end journey combining our magnificent A380 with a private jet by simply using their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

“Victor has revolutionised the private jet charter space by giving full control and transparency to the customer, so they can expedite their travel themselves by using the latest technology, at any time, removing the lengthier booking procedures and processes associated with many private jet bookings.”

Victor is the first jet charter company to disclose aircraft and crew specifics, and side-by-side comparisons of more than 7,000 jets at 40,000 airports worldwide via a network of 131 partner operators.

Clive Jackson, Victor founder, said: “Discerning travellers will enjoy a truly seamless, door-to-door flying experience through our new partnership with Etihad Airways.

“Customers can quickly and easily book both The Residence or First Apartments and their connecting private jet charters, first or last leg, on the Victor app while receiving the highest quality, all-in-one customer service.

“Our 24-7 customer team, working closely with Etihad Airways’ VIP Concierge service, will have access to a wide range of key amenities and resources to ensure total comfort.

“This unique offering brings a new level of accessibility, control and choice to specialised ultra-luxury travel for executives, VIPs and seasoned travellers.

“Working alongside Etihad Airways, we are able to provide the most complete luxury air travel experience, an experience meeting every single need of discerning international travellers across both commercial and private flights.”

The partnership features a bespoke technology integration which allows Etihad Airways guests to book The Residence, or First Apartments, together with private jet charter flights directly from the Victor mobile app, which launched in April 2015 - the first time commercial flights have been bookable seamlessly via a private jet service.

The mobile app allows travellers to search, compare, book, and board a private jet entirely from their smartphones.

Currently, 50 per cent of all Victor bookings are made through the mobile app, for aircraft types ranging from light jet aircraft to larger, longer range private jets.