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Edith Hunzinger, visits Düsseldorf as they prepare “royal” visit to the Seychelles

Edith Hunzinger, visits Düsseldorf as they prepare “royal” visit to the Seychelles

Edith Hunzinger, Regional Manager of the Seychelles Tourist Office in Germany, recently met the “royal couple” of the carnival celebrations in Düsseldorf, where the Seychelles will be featured prominently in this year’s Rose Monday Parade.

thanks to the support of the Düsseldorf International Airport and Etihad Airways. Etihad is celebrating its new destination - Dusseldorf, which provides travelers from this region with a new convenient access to the Seychelles.

It is a long-standing tradition in many German cities to mock the authorities by electing a “carnival prince and princess” for the duration of the season, which is commonly dubbed “the fifth season,” falling between the cold winter and the awakening of spring. In civilian life, Thomas Puppe (48) is a baker running his own bakery business, while Anke Conti Mica (38) is a self-employed architect, but for the time being, they are known as “Prince Thomas II” and “Princess Venetia Anke.”

The photo shows Edith Hunzinger with a coxcomb hat between Prince Thomas and Princess Venetia, surrounded by their retinue.

The official carnival season, which started on November 11, 2011, will be crowned by the Rose Monday Parade on February 20, 2012, which will broadcast live on national television. One of the many floats in the parade will feature a Seychelles theme. The season will end, as always, at midnight on Mardi Gras, February 21, 2012, which marks the beginning of Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.


Fortunately for the Düsseldorfers, this year they will have the unique opportunity to extend their season by another two weeks by traveling to the Seychelles — courtesy of Etihad Airways — and joining the 2012 Carnival of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, which is staged in the Seychelles.