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Dusseldorf Carnival – a new addition at the 2012 Seychelles Carnival

Dusseldorf Carnival – a new addition at the 2012 Seychelles Carnival

The German flag was flown this year at the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival staged by Seychelles and La Reunion in Seychelles by the Dusseldorf Carnival delegation made up of some 50 people.

The Dusseldorf Carnival was a new addition to the carnival of carnivals in the Indian Ocean, and they paraded alongside delegations from Notting Hill from the UK, Trinidad&Tobago, the Samba Dancers from Rio, and a strong delegation from Italy. This carnival is the only one in the world where the Community of Nations send their cultural groups to walk side by side with the best and most-known carnivals in the world.

Jurgen Rieck, the Head of the Carnival Committee from Dusseldorf, personally headed the German delegation to the Indian Ocean Carnival with the Swinging Funfares BOB (Band Olme Bavt). They were well appreciated by the thousands of Seychellois who lined the Streets of Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, together with tourists who had filled every hotel bed in these tropical islands and sailors from navy ships coming from Indian, Russia, Australia, the USA, and the Dutch navy, all in Seychelles to show solidarity with the region’s fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean.

The delegation from Germany showcased to the World of Carnivals the strength of Germany in this area of carnivals. They have a tradition in carnivals, and seeing them parade side by side with the other top carnivals in the world, spelled out to the world their seriousness in these annual celebrations. It was Etihad Airways that sponsored the air transport for the German delegation to travel to Seychelles, where the Dusseldorf Carnival was admired by an impressive bank of world press.

“Germany is a world leader in the carnival events, and it was great to see them show the world how good they were at carnival parades. Their band was great, and the ladies dressed in blue were spectacular,” a journalist from the USA said as they passed the grand stand reserved for VIPs on carnival day.