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Dubai leads Middle East in hotel occupancy

Dubai leads Middle East in hotel occupancy

Colliers International has released its latest forecast for full-year hotel occupancies across key Middle East and North Africa markets.

In total, the firm has analysed 24 cities in the region.

Dubai comes out on top, with many of its key districts broken down.

Dubai Marina and JBR are predicted to close the year with occupancies of 72 per cent.


Just behind the area is Doha, with its hotels on track for 70 per cent.

Third place goes to the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, on track for 68 per cent.

“As we move through 2021, we begin to observe several markets build on recovery began in quarter four of 2020.

“Ongoing monitoring of the Covid-19 pandemic by government entities and other key touristic stakeholders has informed how markets open and close.

“While travel restrictions are easing, controlled and consistent growth is key to recovering, and in the future, improving on the hospitality performance in the key markets,” said Colliers.