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Dream Cruises seeks Singaporean recruits as relaunch nears

Dream Cruises seeks Singaporean recruits as relaunch nears

With borders closed, Genting Cruise Lines has taken the unusual step of beginning a recruit drive among local Singaporean workers.

The move comes as the company prepares to relaunch cruise operations in the country, with Dream Cruises’ World Dream to begin sailing next month.

She will make her homeport debut from November 6th onwards.

World Dream will be the newest built cruise ship to homeport in Singapore, offering a series of brand new two- and 3-night ‘Super Seacation’ experiences for Singapore residents during the school and year-end holidays.

There will be no ports of call on the ‘trips to nowhere’.

“Dream Cruises is looking forward to providing cruise travel options to the citizens of Singapore after the many months of coping with the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Michael Goh, president, Dream Cruises.

“To provide our guests with the highest level of service and hospitality, we are looking within the Singapore talent pool to fill many different positions available on-board World Dream.


“In the past, it was also difficult to recruit Singaporeans, who have many opportunities in the leisure and hospitality industry and cruise lines traditionally tended to use international crew. 

“However, to help alleviate the severe job losses in the domestic economy due to Covid-19, Genting Cruise Lines is committed to hiring as many Singaporeans as possible to support the local economy.”

Goh added: “Historically, international crew on cruise ships have to work for eleven months with a one-month vacation.

“As World Dream operates short two and three-nights cruises, Singaporeans joining as crew can work on the ship with shorter work arrangements that could allow them to see their families frequently.

“This will make it very attractive for Singaporeans who have lost their jobs in the travel industry during this pandemic.”

In the lead up to the inaugural cruise of World Dream, Genting Cruise Lines will be searching for talent to fill in excess of 100 jobs covering all aspects of cruise ship operations from marine officers to cruise operations and galley chefs, media technicians, various hotel and hospitality staff and special cruise ambassadors to ensure the best guest relations.

The search for talent will encompass a broad local footprint ranging from ex-naval or maritime officers and crew to the hard-hit food and beverage sector and the hotel and hospitality industry.