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Dragon Boat makes waves at MTR Tuen Mun Station

Dragon Boat makes waves at MTR Tuen Mun Station

A unique modern twist on traditional Chinese architecture vividly captures the dynamic motion of a Dragon Boat in a new art display on the upper platform of MTR Tuen Mun Station.

The meticulously crafted six-metre-long exhibit was unveiled 29 March 2012 as the latest installment in the MTR’s “art in station architecture” (AiSA) programme. “This is another milestone in our efforts to bring beautiful artwork into the rail system for the enjoyment of the whole community,” said Mr Jay Walder, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation. “Through initiatives like ‘art in station architecture,’ we not only enhance the
travelling environment for our passengers but also aim to bring personal enrichment to their journeys.”

The new display in Tuen Mun, entitled “Dragon Boat”, was created by Chinese artist Zheng Lu using the interlocking brackets from ancient wooden Dou-gong architecture to convey the essence of a boat swaying and cutting through the waves. Stunning hand-painting techniques ensure the exhibit retains a wooden feel, even though – in a break from tradition – the piece is made from metal.

“Dou-gong is a classic symbol of the spirit and disposition of ancient Chinese architecture,” said Mr Zheng, a 34-year-old graduate of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing,  Liaoning Province.

“Through my art piece, I hope MTR passengers can understand more about this ancient technique.”
“The dragon boat tradition is particularly rich in Tuen Mun with one of Hong Kong’s biggest dragon boat races held in the district each year. Therefore, it is most fitting for Mr Zheng’s art piece for our ‘art in station architecture’ collection to be displayed at Tuen Mun Station,” said Mr Wilfred Yeung, Chief Architect of the MTR Corporation. “I am sure passengers can feel how the power of cohesion and endurance interweaves from Chinese
ancient culture through this contemporary piece.”


“Dragon Boat” is the 42nd piece of original artwork to be installed by the Corporation’s AiSA initiative, part of the “art in mtr” programme that provides passengers with a more enjoyable travelling environment while helping to promote art appreciation and artistic talent.