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Love isn’t in the air for British passengers

Love isn’t in the air for British passengers

57% of customers are against airlines using social media for passengers to share information before their flight

64% of women have safety concerns, compared to 51% of men

As airlines test new “social seating” software which enables travellers to browse fellow passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profiles in order to choose their ideal neighbour, customers give the concept a big thumbs-down.

A wary 38% of those polled by the UK’s market-leading travel add-ons provider thought it “a completely scary idea”, and a further 19% were concerned that it could be dangerous. Sixty-four per cent of women compared to 51% of men had safety worries about the new technology.

For 12%, social seating could provide the dream travel scenario - whether romantic interest or a way of avoiding “passengers from hell”. Men were more taken with the online dating possibilities (4%) than women (1%).


The poll results also revealed that 13% of people would consider opting in to the service if they could have total control, with 18% of customers not bothered either way.

Anthony Clarke Cowell, Associate Merchandising Director at, said: “It’s great to see the travel industry using the latest technology and harnessing the power of social media, but judging by these survey results, social seating could be a step too far for British travellers.”

Eight hundred and four-five million people around the world have a Facebook page and 150 million are on the professional networking site, LinkedIn.