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Discover Jamaica by Bike to showcase Caribbean cycling options

Discover Jamaica by Bike to showcase Caribbean cycling options

As the sun rises on the morning of October 2nd, Jamaica director of tourism, Donovan White, and members of the Jamaica Cycling Association will crank up through the gears as they partake in the first leg of Discover Jamaica by Bike.

A local event, this will serve as a pilot for a consumer cycling experience that will debut in spring 2021.

The ride, which begins in Port Antonio and concludes in Kingston on October 5th, will lay the groundwork for a new tourism initiative rooted in active travel and the development of outdoor programs that will allow visitors to embrace the island’s natural beauty while enabling physical distancing.

“Jamaica has always prided herself on delivering a tourism product that is ideally suited to deliver what visitors desire,” said White.

“Discover Jamaica By Bike continues that legacy as it taps into our collective renewed focus on health and wellness coupled with safe, physically-distanced activities.


“We know that cycling has become a fitness activity of choice for many through this pandemic, and we are confident that development of a bookable experience around this itinerary will drive continued interest in the destination through a new lens.”

Discover Jamaica by Bike will kick-off with a press conference at Goblin Hill on Thursday.

Officials from the Jamaica Tourist Board, the ministry of health and the ministry of tourism will be on hand to share details about the event as well as possible marketing efforts to promote it to international attendees.

Until October 5th, participants will trek along the Resilient Corridors through Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, South Coast to Kingston, with the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel being the final stop.

Key elements from the October itinerary will be the basis for a consumer-facing itinerary that will showcase different components of the destination with a number of partners along the route.

Biking enthusiasts will experience first-hand the rolling hills, beaches and many towns along the way that make Jamaica such a unique destination.

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For more information visit the official Jamaica Tourist Board website.

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