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Delta Air Lines to close Comair operations

Delta Air Lines to close Comair operations

Delta Air Lines will cease operations of its Cincinnati-based subsidiary, Comair, September 29 as part of the airline’s move to reduce regional jets in its network.

The company said that the discontinuation of Comair’s operations would not result in any significant changes to Delta’s network.

Don Bornhorst, Senior Vice President of Delta Connection for Delta explained: “While regional flying has and will remain a key component of Delta’s network, customer expectations and the unit costs of regional flying have evolved.

“In response, Delta recently announced its plans to reduce the total number of regional jets in its network while adding more mainline flying. This includes reducing the number of 50-seat regional jets from nearly 350 aircraft to 125 or fewer in the upcoming years.

“As a result of this reduction and changes to its customer-focused business strategy, Delta has made the difficult decision to cease Comair’s operations.”


Comair accounts for approximately one percent of Delta’s network capacity.

Delta reassured customers in a memo that there would be no disruption to customers and no significant adjustments to Delta’s flight schedule or locations served.

No reductions in the number of Delta flights are planned at Cincinnati as a result of this decision.