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Contiki sees sales surge following Brexit decision

According to 2016 sales data, youth travel expert Contiki has seen a 22 per cent spike in Europe trip bookings since the UK’s decision to leave the EU in June.

The date suggest the group travel model is a popular choice for young travellers in the current environment, and that millennials are keen to make the most of Britain’s current EU status before Brexit plans take effect.

Contiki commissioned a survey of 2,000 18 to 35 year old UK residents to explore the effect of the Brexit result on the travel plans of British millennials.

The research found that one in ten young travellers considered bringing their EU travel plans forward in case restrictions are put in place under Article 50, while a resilient 12 per cent plan to travel more frequently within the EU over the next few years.

Of all the concerns expressed by young travellers following the Brexit vote, the cost of travelling to EU destinations was of highest concern (49 per cent), following a turbulent few months for the British pound.

However the increase in sales of Contiki’s Europe trips suggests a more inclusive approach to travel feels a safer and more cost-effective option for young travellers post-Referendum.

According to those young British travellers that have altered their travel plans following the referendum result, non-EU European destinations and long haul countries were high on the travel agenda.

Iceland topped the list (15 per cent), followed by the USA (13 per cent), Montenegro (also 13 per cent), and Norway (12 per cent).

Contiki sales and marketing director, UK & Europe, Donna Jeavons said: “As the leading youth travel operator in to Europe, we wanted to delve into the attitudes of young Brits following the EU referendum result.

“It’s no surprise that young British residents are cautious about spending abroad due to a weak exchange rate, but a group trip with more inclusions is proving to be the perfect solution in the current environment.

“We’re pleased to report that Contiki is showing a significant uplift in sales to Europe since the referendum result.”