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"Million Dollar" rail site launches

The Rail Mall is launching a website using the latest marketing concept, the ‘Million Dollar Homepage’.
Following the worldwide success of Alex Tew’s idea (see the ‘Million Visitor Homepage’ has been created to publicise train and rail-related companies not just in the UK, but worldwide.

The Railway Children charity will receive 10% of profits from the website which will remain online for at least five years.

Companies participating buy a 100-pixel block for US$10 (larger blocks can be purchased) which will be online for a guaranteed five years. 

Simon Pielow from The Rail Mall said: “Alex Tew’s concept is the basis for a re-think of web marketing that challenges costly banner ads, boring links pages and antiquated webrings.

“This ‘Million-style’ web marketing is something of a phenomenon and we wanted to be the first in the travel industry to get behind it.


“The quick set up and low cost means that web exposure is affordable for all companies within the sector, be it train operators and associated companies, travel agents selling rail trips, or model and merchandising shops.”

Terina Keene, Chief Executive at Railway Children, said: “We are delighted to be receiving donations from The Rail Mall through We appreciate the opportunity of raising our charity’s profile through this marketing technique.”

Companies already supporting include US-based Amtrak, Eurostar, The Orient Express, The Trainline and Trip Advisor.
The Railway Children is a charity helping runaway and abandoned children who live in and around the world’s railway stations.