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Timeshare releases resort directory

Timeshare Adventures has gone live with a free access service which will change the way in which prospective purchasers evaluate timeshare vacation resorts with which they are not familiar.

This service provides an inside assessment of more than one hundred resorts and operators, details about the surrounding areas and identifies local places of interest to visit. Several will be added each month with the directory ultimately containing more than two thousand resort destinations.

“We started this new project to help our clients get a ‘feel’ for an area or a resort they had never visited,” said Timeshare Adventures founder and CEO Mark Dann.

“We wanted to give people a user-friendly resource that would answer questions about the facilities at a resort and tell them about the history and culture of the surrounding area. We wanted to make it accessible to everybody with an Internet connection. You don’t have to visit six or seven different web sites, write away for brochures or rely on a description over the phone to get independent information about a resort area anywhere in the world. And each resort in the directory,”

Mark went on to say, “will feature a multimedia presentation, with a streaming video and photographs of the resort and/or the surrounding area. This adds a unique interactive aspect to the directory and helps make it the most dynamic and exciting resource of its type available online.”