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United offers Hong Kong pier check-in

United Airlines is the first U.S. airline to offer customers travel between the Pearl River Delta cities and Hong Kong International Airport using the SkyPier ferry service and pier-side check-in.

“We are pleased to make it easier for our business and leisure passengers to travel between the Pearl River Delta cities and Hong Kong International Airport,” said Mark Russell, United’s managing director-Pacific South.

“This service will enable our passengers to connect to or from the United States as well as onto United flights between Hong Kong and Japan, Vietnam and Singapore with ease. The new service will facilitate cost-effective, fast and convenient travel between Hong Kong and Southern China.”

United passengers coming from the United States and traveling on to the Pearl River Delta will enjoy maximum convenience by boarding the ferry directly in Hong Kong without clearing immigration or customs there—and only clear upon arrival at the ports. Additionally, United passengers returning to the United States from the Pearl River Delta via Hong Kong must clear immigration and customs only in the Chinese ports before boarding, and simply must check in for their flights at Hong Kong’s SkyPier.

“With the Pearl River Delta being one of the fastest growing economies in China, we are pleased to be the only U.S. carrier to offer this service,” Russell said.


The SkyPier’s high-speed ferry serves five ports in the Pearl River Delta: Dongguan-Humen, Macau, Shenzhen-Fuyong (next to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport), Shenzhen-Shekou and Zhongshan.

Ferries run every 30 to 90 minutes between the airport and Pearl River Delta locations, depending on the port. Ferry tickets range in price from HK$180 (US$23) to HK$330 (US$42).

United offers flight check-in for its customers at Hong Kong’s SkyPier “Ferry Transfer Desk” daily between 08:30 and 19:00. United has fully met the additional U.S. Transportation Security Administration requirements to be able to participate in this ferry service and offer pier check-in to its customers—including having qualified security personnel at the SkyPier.